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Eat Smart, Move More NC Leadership Team

The Leadership Team works to make it easier for North Carolinians to eat smart and move more. The multi-agency partnership oversees the implementation of the Eat Smart, Move More NC movement guided by North Carolina's Plan to Address Obesity: Healthy Weight and Healthy Communities 2013-2020.

The Eat Smart, Move More NC Leadership Team operates under a set of bylaws, organizational structure, policies and procedures. The organizational structure of the Leadership Team includes an Executive Committee and ad hoc committees that are established as needed. The Executive Committee provides guidance to the Leadership Team.

Organizational Structure, Policies and Procedures

Logo Usage Guidelines

Members of the Leadership Team are encouraged to use the logo to promote programs that support the Eat Smart, Move More NC movement. Anyone using the Eat Smart, Move More NC Logo must follow the logo usage guidelines. When preparing materials that will include the Eat Smart, Move More NC logo, refer to the individual section in the logo usage guide that relates to the specific aspects of the logo you plan to use. Each section provides specific rules for usage, offers application guidelines and answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the Eat Smart, Move More NC logo.

Evaluation Reports

In the past, we have surveyed member organizations about their roles in the Leadership Team and implementing NC's Obesity Prevention Plan. The evaluation reports below were conducted on NC's Obesity Prevention Plan.

2008 Survey and Collaboration Assessment
2009 Survey of Implementation Efforts (of North Carolina's Obesity Prevention Plan)
2010 Partner Engagement Survey

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Eat Smart, Move More NC exists through the work of its many partner organizations.
Please address all inquiries to the Eat Smart, Move More NC Webmaster.