Tools for use with Families

My Eat Smart Move More

My Eat Smart Move More - Simple solutions on how you and your family can eat smart and move more.

EFNEP's Families

EFNEP's Families - Programs for limited resource families with young children.

Eat Smart, Move More, Weight Less

Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less - A 15-week group weight management program.

Snacks and Drinks Guide

Snacks and Drinks Guide - Simple solutions to help you and your family eat healthy.

Cook Smart Eat Smart

Cook Smart, Eat Smart - a curriculum that teaches cooking techniques to encourage preparing and eating more meals at home.

Health Crisis in North Carolina

Health Crisis in Carolina - Video Spotlights North Carolina Real Families, Real Struggles, Real Solutions.

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ESMM Handouts

Eat Smart, Move More NC Handouts - Ready-to-use informational handouts

Meal Planner and Activity Logs

Meal Planner and Activity Logs - Tools to help keep track of individual's eating smart and moving more efforts

NC Healthy Schools

NC Healthy Schools - Working to create a Coordinated School Health Program.


Sybershop - Interactive CD for teens to learn about physical activity and healthy eating.

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