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Food for Thought

  • Who is it for?

    Educators working with students in grades K-5.

  • How do you get it?

    This resource is distributed electronically and can be downloaded on this page.

  • How is it used?

    Curriculum allows teachers to integrate the concepts of healthy eating and physical activity into math and English Language Arts.

Food for Thought is a K-5 curriculum that allows you to teach the nutrition objectives of the Healthful Living Standard Course of Study while integrating the concepts of healthy eating and physical activity into Math and English Language Arts. Effective nutrition education can motivate and enable students to adopt healthful dietary patterns and healthy lifestyles. Food for Thought will allow you to deliver effective nutrition education. Each lesson in Food for Thought includes the following sections:

Food for Thought Module
Healthful Living, Math and English Language Arts objectives
Teacher Resources:
Background information to help prepare the lesson
Materials Needed:
Additional required items
All student handouts
An activity designed to get students focused on the topic to be covered in the lesson
Teacher Input:
Material to be presented by the teacher
Practice and Assessment:
Handouts and activities to be completed by students

Download Food For Thought lessons by school grade in PDF format:

Kindergarten (9.8 MB)
Grade 1 (13.5 MB)
Grade 2 (3.2 MB)
Grade 3 (2.4 MB)
Grade 4 (3.5 MB)
Grade 5 (5.35 MB)

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