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Funded Counties 2009-2010

To read or download the Community Grant Program 2009 - 20010 Summary Report, which includes an executive summary, success stories and project descriptions of each grant, please click here.

Appalachian District – Alleghany: Alleghany County Schools will participate in a school wellness mini-grant program. This program will provide specific funding to each school to promote and support sustainable environmental changes for healthy eating and physical activity. Each school site will create at least one walking route inside and outside their school site. In addition, all schools will participate and promote group and individual wellness programs, including the school physical activity promotion entitled “The Biggest Mover.”

Beaufort: The partners for the Jones Middle/John Small Eat Smart, Move More School Walking Trail will construct a 0.93 mile trail that surrounds the perimeter of PS Jones Middle and John Small Schools. Motivational signs will be placed along the trail to motivate walkers. Teachers at both schools will participate in a walking challenge and incorporate use of the trail into daily classroom activities.

Caldwell: The Caldwell County Employee Wellness Committee will implement a stairwell initiative in 6 stairwells in the new Human Services building. The initiative will enhance the stairwells and increase their use among employees. Caldwell Memorial Hospital will also establish an employee Wellness Committee. Employee wellness activities will include Workable Wellness “lunch and learn” sessions that will cover wellness topics. Sessions will include healthy eating, physical activity and lessons from Eat Smart Cook Smart -- a program that teaches cooking techniques to help participants prepare and eat more meals at home.

Cleveland: Cleveland County will conduct Moving More in Kings Mountain, a community intervention designed to develop three walking routes in Kings Mountain. The walking route will increase physical activity for students, faculty, staff and parents at West Elementary School. West Elementary will also form an enhanced running club and a Walk to School program.

Davie: The Davie County Preschool Gardens project will provide gardens and tools to childcare centers. The gardening project will be coordinated with the implementation of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) program. Six NAP SACC trainings will be offered for childcare workers. NAP SACC trained childcare centers will instruct parents using Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less, NC Cooperative Extension’s Cook Smart Eat Smart; and healthy fruit and vegetable cooking classes.

Gaston: Eating Smart and Moving More in Reid Park will improve health in the predominantly African American community of Reid Park. Efforts will aim to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables and increase physical activity. The community will improve nutrition practices through a community garden, cooking classes and a walking program.

Granville-Vance: The Granville and Vance County WoW! Coalition will award mini-grants to county organizations to implement sustainable policy or environmental changes supporting healthy eating and increased physical activity. Organizations in the two counties will also participate in the annual ESMM Weight Loss Challenge.

Henderson: The Healthy Teachers, Healthy Kids program believes that teachers are role models and changes in their nutrition and physical activity behaviors will impact the children for whom they provide care. The Henderson County Health Department and partners will support child care providers by offering walking challenges, fitness and nutrition classes and expand the NAP-SACC Program in Henderson County by offering mini-grants to child care providers.

Hoke: HokeFit partners will work with six businesses in Hoke County to increase healthy eating or physical activity among their staff. Partners will help these businesses develop active worksite wellness committees, increase physical activity through HokeFit and offer Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less classes. The six participating businesses will also organize a HokeFit corporate walking challenge.

Moore: The Moore County Health Department will provide mini-grants to five Child Care Centers to address the six core elements of the Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP-SACC) intervention. Child Care Centers will conduct activities that include a self-assessment, goal setting and action planning. The intervention will also provide continuing education and skill building activities to participating centers. Mini-grant funds may be used to improve food options and/or to enhance indoor or outdoor physical activity areas.

Warren: Warren County Health Department in collaboration with the Fitness and Nutrition Committee has created the Warren County Eat Smart, Move More Nurturing Faith Project. This project will provide mini-grants to five churches to support healthy eating and physical activity for their members and surrounding community.

Wilkes: The Wilkes County Health Department, CB Eller Elementary School, Mulberry Elementary School and community partners will collaborate to add fitness stations, bike racks, point of decision prompts and other equipment to these schools’ existing walking trails. These additions will create dual use school and community parks. Schools will also develop Staff Wellness Programs to focus on improving physical fitness and achieving a healthy weight. Educational sessions – utilizing both the trail and fitness stations – will be offered to students, staff, parents, and community members.

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