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Committee Workbook

  • Who is it for?

    Anyone that is interested in organizing a worksite wellness program.

  • How do you get it?

    This resource is distributed electronically and can be downloaded from this page.

  • How is it used?

    Provides step-by-step guidelines for developing a worksite wellness committee and program.

Committee Work Book The Committee Workbook is a comprehensive guide for developing a well organized worksite wellness committee.  This Workbook also provides step-by-step instructions for developing and planning a wellness program that supports healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco cessation and stress management.  Sample meeting agendas, employee and worksite surveys, informational posters and letters and evaluation surveys are included.

Download the entire Committee Workbook (~3mb)

Additional Resources

Appendix A – Multi-Level Approach to Changing Behavior
Appendix B – NC HealthSmart Worksite Wellness Program Model
Appendix C – Worksite Wellness Committee Action Plan Template
Appendix C – MS Word Document
Appendix D – Worksite Wellness Committee Sample Action Plan
Appendix D – MS Powerpoint Presentation
Appendix E – Sample Letter of Invitation to Serve on the Worksite Wellness Committee
Appendix E – MS Word Document
Appendix F – Worksite Wellness Committee Member Invitation Poster
Appendix G – Worksite Wellness Committee Member List
Appendix G – MS Word Document
Appendix H – First Meeting – Sample Agenda
Appendix H – MS Word Document
Appendix I – Employee Interest Survey
Appendix J – Policy and Environment Survey
Appendix K – Meeting Icebreakers
Appendix L – NC HealthSmart Workbook Overview
Appendix M – Sample Mission Statements
Appendix N – Committee Members and Role Sharing
Appendix O – Worksite Wellness Committee Announcement Poster
Appendix P – Cover Letter for Employee Interest Survey
Appendix P – MS Word Document
Appendix Q – Employee Interest Survey Distribution & Collection Suggestions
Appendix R – Second Meeting – Sample Agenda
Appendix R – MS Word Document
Appendix S – Score Sheet for Employee Interest Survey
Appendix T – Score Sheet for Policy and Environment Survey
Appendix U – Employee Evaluation of a Worksite Activity
Appendix V – Employee Satisfaction with Worksite Wellness Program
Appendix W – Employee Satisfaction Survey Results Form
Appendix X – Evaluation of Wellness Committee by Committee Members
Appendix Y – NC HealthSmart Worksite Wellness Toolkit Evaluation Form
Appendix Y – MS Word Document

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