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Tools for Use with Decision Makers

Local and state government:


Health Impact Assessments — Learn more about this decision-making process used to determine how a project, policy or program might influence health.

Trends, Effects, and Solutions

Trends, Effects and Solutions — Read these white papers related to the seven Eat Smart, Move More NC target behaviors.

Physical Activity Policy Factsheet

NC Physical Activity Policy Research Network Factsheets — Review information related to policies that affect physical activity in communities.


Eat Smart School Standards

Eat Smart School Standards — Use these resources to create policies that support healthy eating in schools.

Move More School Standards

Move More School Standards — Create school environments that support and encourage physical activity.


Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Policy

Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Policy — Use this sample to create your own healthy eating and physical activity policy.


NC Farmers’ Markets’ Comprehensive Guide for SNAP/EBT — A Guide to SNAP/EBT at Farmers’ Markets in North Carolina: Steps, Best Practices and Resources.


Farmers’ Markets’ Quick Reference Handbook for SNAP/EBT — Accept SNAP/EBT, debit and/or credit cards at your farmers’ market.

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