Core Behavior – Eat more healthy foods, less junk and fast food

Today’s typical American diet is often higher in calories than needed and consists of food and beverage choices that lack nutrient-density. These empty calories are mostly from unhealthy fat and sugar. Similar to a financial budget, food choices can be evaluated by their cost to a daily calorie budget. In these terms, foods high in empty calories are also “expensive” calorie choices that may not fit into a daily calorie budget. Tracking food choices can help determine when and how many calories to spend. To meet vital nutrient needs while staying within a calorie budget, choose more nutrient-dense foods, close to their natural state such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and low-fat dairy, and limit empty calorie foods.

Smart When Eating Out

Selecting Fresh and Frozen Produce

Eat More Vegetables

Eat More Fruit

Plan Shop, Fix and Eat

Fix It at Home

Choosing Healthy Beverages

Re-Think Your Sweets

Smart When Eating Fast Food