Cook Smart, Eat Smart Cooking School

Learn how to prepare simple, healthy and delicious food for you and your family.

Who Is It For?

Adults and older teens who want to learn how to cook.

How Do You Get It?

Contact your localĀ Family and Consumer Sciences Agent with Cooperative Extension.

How Is It Used?

Cook Smart, Eat Smart is a curriculum for adults and older teens who want to learn how to cook.

The Cook Smart, Eat Smart curriculum teaches cooking techniques that can be used to build a repertoire of entrees and side dishes to encourage preparing and eating more meals at home. There is an emphasis on healthy preparation techniques, simple ingredients and limited use of prepared foods. In addition, information is presented to help participants plan, shop and stock a pantry that encourages simple meal preparation.

Each session contains several basic cooking techniques and other topics related to preparing and eating meals at home. Instructors are encouraged to do demonstration as well as hands-on based on class size, facility and interest of the group. Recipes in the curriculum demonstrate basic cooking techniques and most are adaptable to make many different dishes.

Cook Smart, Eat Smart Flyer