Encouraging SNAP Participation at Farmers’ Markets Guide

Attract SNAP customers to your farmers’ market.

Who Is It For?

Farmers’ market managers, farmers’ market organizers, interested community members, and providers of technical assistance to farmers’ markets in North Carolina.

How Do You Get It?

This resource is distributed electronically and can be downloaded on this page.

How Is It Used?

This guide can be used to introduce farmers’ markets to resources and tools to effectively promote their market to SNAP customers.

Encouraging SNAP Participation at Farmers’ Markets: A Guide Prepared for the North Carolina Division of Public Health introduces farmers’ markets as a strategy to increase access to healthy foods, briefly touches on foundational elements necessary for a strong farmers’ market, provides steps necessary to begin a SNAP/EBT program as a way to increase fruit and vegetable access to low income customers, and introduces marketing, promotion and program strategies to engage SNAP customers at the market.  The guide also includes an appendix full of resources that farmers’ markets can adapt for their own use.

A Guide for Encouraging SNAP Participation at Farmers’ Markets