Energizers for Schools

Integrate classroom physical activities with academic concepts.

Who Is It For?

Classroom teachers. Can also be used by anyone wanting to add physical activity to a meeting.

How Do You Get It?

This resource can be downloaded on this page.

How Is It Used?

Energizers are used in classrooms to provide students an opportunity to be physically active.

Elementary and middle school energizers are classroom-based physical activities that help teachers integrate physical activity with academic concepts. These are short (about 10 minute) activities that classroom teachers can use to provide physical activity to children in accordance with the North Carolina State Board of Education’s Healthy Active Children Policy. In addition, energizers have been created for use in after-school programs.

For Elementary School

Complete set of Energizers for Elementary School

For Middle School

Healthful Living Energizers
Language Arts Energizers
Math Energizers
Music Energizers
Science Energizers
Social Studies Energizers

For After School

After-School Energizers

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