Mother-Baby Award for Outpatient Clinics

Become a breastfeeding-friendly outpatient clinic.

Who Is It For?

Any outpatient medical clinic serving pregnant and postpartum women, infants and/or children in North Carolina (health departments, family medicine, pediatric, obstetric, midwifery or other types of clinics serving these populations).

How Do You Get It?

Use the Preapplication Assessment for the NCBC Mother-Baby Breastfeeding-Friendly Award to review steps outpatient clinics can take to support breastfeeding families and to track progress. When ready, apply for the Mother-Baby Award.

How Is It Used?

This webpage provides information on how outpatient clinics can support breastfeeding and receive the Mother-Baby Award.

NCBC Mother-Baby Breastfeeding-Friendly Award Pre-Application Assessment — Preview
Use this tool to track progress toward making an outpatient clinic breastfeeding friendly.

North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition’s Mother-Baby Award for Outpatient Clinics
Review the instructions and criteria for the breastfeeding-friendly award and apply. This page also provides a list of awardees.