Trends, Effects and Solutions

Read these white papers related to the seven Eat Smart, Move More NC target behaviors.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants more information about the behavioral trends in school-age children and youth around eating smart and moving more.

How Do You Get It?

These resources are distributed electronically and can be downloaded for free from this page.

How Is It Used?

To educate about the behaviors of children and youth around the seven Eat Smart, Move More NC target behaviors.

These resources provide information regarding the seven Eat Smart, Move More NC behaviors as they apply to school-age children. These documents outline the trends, the effects and the solutions to each key behavior as it relates to childhood obesity prevention.

Breastfeed Your Baby
Breastfeed Your Baby (reduced ink version)
Choose To Move More Every Day
Choose to Move More Everyday (reduced ink version)
Enjoy More Fruits And Vegetables
Enjoy More Fruits and Vegetables (reduced ink version)
Prepare And Eat More Meals At Home
Prepare and Eat More Meals at Home (reduced ink version)
Rethink Your Drink
Re-think Your Drink (reduced ink version)
Right Size Your Portions
Right-size Your Portions (reduced ink version)
Tame The Tube
Tame the Tube (reduced ink version)