The Communications Subcommittee aims to use tools, including social media, the newsletter, and website to:

  • Reach a variety of partners, including professionals and individuals, interested in supporting the movement;
  • Promote the Plancore behaviors, and implementation of strategies within various sectors;
  • Connect partners and share local successes;
  • Coordinate with other subcommittees of the movement to ensure continuity and connections in communication.

Partner Engagement

The Partner Engagement Subcommittee:

  • Plans for and facilitates regular meetings to provide statewide networking and professional development opportunities,
  • Recruits and welcomes new partners to the Eat Smart, Move More NC movement and maintains updated contact information for partner communication and collaboration, 
  • Works closely with the communications subcommittee to ensure partners receive regular meeting updates and highlight partners’ work to support the Mission of Eat Smart Move More and the current North Carolina Plan to Address Overweight and Obesity.

Partner Meetings

The Partner Meetings Subcommittee:

  • Provides opportunities for Eat Smart, Move More NC partners to learn from experts across the state in the field of obesity and chronic disease in an effort to support ESMMNC’s vision of making healthy eating and active living the norm in NC;
  • Provides networking opportunities where partners can learn from each other, learn best practices, and how to apply strategies outlined in the Plan to their own work;
  • Collaborates to develop meeting agendas, secure speakers and handle the meeting day logistics for both virtual, and in-person partner meetings;
  • Works closely with the communications subcommittee to ensure partners receive regular meeting updates.

Executive Committee Leadership and Administration

The Executive Committee Leadership and Administration Subcommittee:

  • Develops and coordinates overarching and long-term strategies for the Executive Committee and the Eat Smart, Move More NC movement;
  • Develops and updates operational procedures and processes, and manages sustainability planning and capacity building;
  • Includes the Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair as standing members.

If you would like to be involved in any of the above subcommittees, please contact