Message From the Chair – June 2022

On May 25, our Partner meeting featured speakers from North Carolina Alliance for Health, NC Child, and the Justus Warren Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force, who shared the work that they do to promote and advocate for health and wellness through policy change. Each speaker reminded us of the importance of bringing local voices forward so support for local and statewide initiatives can be shared with decision makers to improve the lives of North Carolinians. To view the recording, click here.

Building supports in a community through policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change initiatives provides the multi-level approach that ensures that goals in behaviors and practice are achievable for clients and program participants. Eat Smart Move More North Carolina has tools that you can use every day to achieve these goals.

We encourage you to revisit the Plan to Address Overweight and Obesity that is the foundation of Eat Smart Move More NC. The Plan focuses on strategies in a variety of to support core behaviors within those sectors. Share these strategies with your stakeholders as opportunities for policy changes that can be implemented, or as a springboard for more ideas.

If you work in childcare, click here to see a list of strategies like implementing and maintaining breastfeeding-friendly child care initiatives.

If you work in schools, click here to see a list of strategies like implementing policies and practices to promote joint use and community use of school facilities or limiting advertisements for less healthy foods and beverages.

If you work for a community organization, click here to see a list of strategies like allowing community members to use facilities (e.g., outdoor space, meeting rooms, playgrounds) for physical activity.

If you are a champion for making your own worksite a healthier place, click here to see strategies like encouraging opportunities in the workplace for activity breaks and walking meetings or providing all lactating employees breaks to express milk or nurse their children.

If you work in local or state government, click here to see a list of strategies, like improving access to fruits and vegetables through farmers’ markets or maintaining parks and playgrounds that are safe and attractive.

ESMMNC provides a wonderful opportunity to build partnerships within your community by networking with others who are working towards similar goals. At our next gathering on September 20, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am you will have the opportunity to build those networks and find partners for collaboration. We hope you will join us!

Jayne McBurney