Farmers’ Markets’ Comprehensive Guide for SNAP/EBT

Assist farmers’ markets with SNAP/EBT implementation. Contains steps, best practices and resources.

Who Is It For?

Farmers' market managers, farmers' market organizers, interested community members, and providers of technical assistance to farmers' markets in North Carolina.

How Do You Get It?

This resource is distributed electronically and can be downloaded on this page.

How Is It Used?

This comprehensive guide can be used to assist farmers' markets with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program / Electronic Benefit Transfer (SNAP/EBT) implementation.

A Guide to SNAP/EBT at Farmers’ Markets in North Carolina: Steps, Best Practices and Resources explains in detail the process of implementing a system to redeem Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Electronic Benefit Transfer cards at farmers’ markets in North Carolina. It is designed to give a realistic picture of what establishing, promoting, and sustaining a SNAP/EBT redemption system entails, and outlines the pros and cons of different systems and their costs. It also provides case examples from markets in North Carolina, and state-specific resources and contacts.

NC Farmers Markets’ Comprehensive Guide for SNAP/EBT

For a quick overview, please refer to the Step-By-Step Handbook to Accept SNAP/EBT, Debit, and/or Credit Cards at your Farmers’ Market.