Motivational Posters

Download and display posters that encourage people to make healthy choices.

Who Is It For?

Any organization that wants to promote eating smart and moving more at their site.

How Do You Get It?

These posters are available electronically. Download for free below.

How Is It Used?

The posters can be placed in and around buildings to remind people of the little things they can do to eat smart and move more.

These graphically designed informational posters and motivational quotes can be displayed on bulletin boards or other areas in worksites, faith organizations, schools, and community buildings. Use them to encourage people in your setting to do simple things such as taking the stairs, drink water, and make healthy snack choices.


All posters are in PDF format. Right-click on thumbnail to download full-sized poster.

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All documents are in PDF format. Right-click on thumbnail to download full-sized document.

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