NC Childhood Obesity Prevention Demonstration Project

Build community partnerships to reduce childhood obesity.

NC Childhood Obesity Prevention
Demonstration Project

In fiscal year 2008-09, concern about the health and economic costs of obesity prompted the NC General Assembly to take a bold step against childhood obesity. Legislators appropriated $2 million in non-recurring state funds to support communities through the NC Childhood Obesity Prevention Demonstration Project. This project empowered five communities to find long term solutions for obesity.

Through this project communities came together to:

  • Learn about obesity problems and solutions
  • Build more greenways and sidewalks
  • Increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets
  • Make preschools and childcare centers healthier
  • Improve physical education in schools
  • Increase involvement of physicians in the treatment of overweight and obese kids
  • Provide community programs for kids with pre-diabetes
  • Expand employee worksite wellness programs in hospitals and schools
  • Build environmental and social supports for healthier faith communities
  • Create partnerships that support lasting change
Review of Progress: October 1, 2008 – May 31, 2009
Evaluation Executive Summary
Progress by Intervention