North Carolina business owners share their thoughts on worksite wellness

Learn how different worksites have made wellness a priority for their employees.

A-10 employers take care of their most valuable assets, their employees. By providing opportunities for exercise each day and offering health alternatives such as “an apple a day”, A10 notes that employees are happier and more vibrant with increased productivity.

Acme McCrary helps employees by providing lively fitness center and supportive classes to help employees manage their blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes. Everyone wins when employers focus on health and wellness for their employees.

All Points Research, employees are encouraged to take breaks every hour and are encouraged to use equipment provided through their worksite wellness program such as fitness balls to increase productivity. This organization’s goal is to educate employees about health, wellness, fitness and exercises they can do on the job.

Happy, healthy, productive employees increase the bottom line. The Biltmore’s six phase worksite wellness program reduces employee turnover by supporting their employees’ health and happiness.

Wellness programs at The Body Shop have increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and reduced health care costs. Enhancing self-esteem has been the priority in the business as employees feel good about how they feel both physically and mentally.

Carolina Pad is evidence that a worksite wellness program can be established without a lot of financial resources, and over time it can grow into a major incentive for employees.

RE Mason sees worksite wellness as a great investment; everyone wants to be happier and healthier. Their wellness program has grown to include healthy snacks and a gym with exercise classes.

A happy employee makes a happy community, so Selina Naturally dedicates space to an organic garden and time during the workday for employees to go for a walk.