Healthy Aging NC

Healthy Aging NC (HANC) is North Carolina’s statewide resource center for evidence-based community health programs. We connect people to the programs and agencies that improve community health, increase the capacity of providers to offer these programs, maintain a website with current program information and online registration systems, and collect and analyze data to report results.

Healthy Aging NC’s primary goal is to embed evidence-based community health programs into an integrated, sustainable, statewide delivery system to improve the quality of life for all older adults in North Carolina.

We currently offer support for the following evidenced-based programs along a “continuum of care” that acknowledges the relationship between fall risk, arthritis, and other chronic conditions:

  • A Matter of Balance: Ideal for participants who need to address a fear of falling, identify solutions, build skills, and engage in gentle exercises
  • Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention: Ideal for participants who need to improve mobility, balance, strength, flexibility, relaxation, and/or self-awareness
  • Walk With Ease: Ideal for participants who are new to physical activity, experience pain while being active, and/or need support in safely increasing physical activity
  • Chronic Disease Self Education Programs: Ideal for participants who need tools and support in managing their chronic health conditions
    • Living Healthy with Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
    • Living Healthy with Diabetes Self-Management Program
    • Living Healthy with Chronic Pain Self-Management Program

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Submitted by: Ellen Ailey, Nadia Mazza, and Natasha Vos with The Healthy Aging NC Team