Summary of Eat Smart, Move More NC Partners Meeting

The most recent Eat Smart, Move More NC Partners Meeting was held on August 25th and we were very fortunate to have had such an amazing panel of experts serving schools and communities.

In follow-up to the August 25th meeting, we asked our panelists: “If there is one thing that you hope the participants remember/take away from the Partner Meeting on Food Security, what is it?” and here are just a few thoughtful comments:

  • “I hope that participants took away recognition of the fact that Food Security is a Justice issue. And although it may be a bit cliché to say, but food insecurity affects us all, not just those for whom it is a more immediate issue.”
  • “All pregnant women, and especially women who are food insecure, need specific nutrients to contribute to a healthy pregnancy.  ECU Physicians and the MOTHeRS project are eager to share the evidence-based handouts that can be used to educate women, as well as describe shelf-stable, less expensive foods that can fill the gap.” MOTHeRS Project documents are available for adaptation/use.
  • “Children and families depend on the nutritious meals provided by School Nutrition Programs. School meals make a difference in the lives of students. Well-nourished students are fit, healthy, and ready to learn. Our North Carolina Nutrition Teams are dedicated and committed to supporting the health and academic success of our students and nourishing children’s bodies, minds, and souls each day. Please continue to advocate for and support our North Carolina School Nutrition Programs.” For more info on N.C. School Nutrition Programs, please visit the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, School Nutrition Division website,

The next Partner Meeting is scheduled for December 2nd at 1pm and will focus on “Moving More” – mark your calendars and stay tuned!