Summary of our December Eat Smart, Move More NC Partners Meeting

The most recent Eat Smart, Move More NC Partners Meeting was held on December 2. We were very fortunate to hear from such an amazing panel of experts on their work as it relates to Creating Equitable Opportunities for Physical Activity.

To read more about each panelist:

After a great discussion about how different programs are addressing physical activity and equitable opportunities in NC, we asked our panelists if they had any words of advice for our partners. Here are just a few of those answers:

 Never make a decision for someone else without asking the person that will be receiving the benefit. Always involve the community and the beneficiary in the decisions.

  • Be sure to bring all disciplines together to create a comprehensive approach to your work.
  • Movement doesn’t have a language barrier.
  • The work being done in NC has set the example for counterparts across the US. The challenge is to always refresh and keep the focus. Emphasizing inclusion is an active process. Follow the social model of disability when making decisions. Does what you create model inclusion? Seek out partners with disabilities.
  • When collaborating with researchers, choose them carefully. Be clear that your goals align.

Our panelists provided partners with some great resources during the meeting. We hope you find them helpful:

The next Partner Meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 2022. Details to be shared in late January.